How do I view my wager history?

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Go to My Account, log-in and choose My Bets or access My Bets directly from the betting ticket.

Search by the status of your wagers by choosing from:

  • Pending and Processed
  • Pending Wagers
  • Processed Wagers or
  • Unaccepted 'Live Betting'.

Then select the date range for the wagers you wish to view:

  • This month
  • Last day
  • Last 3 days
  • Last week
  • Last 31 days
  • Any one of the last 6 months
  • Custom: maximum date range is 30 days

Once you have selected the status and date range and chosen between Bet Date and Event Date, click Search.

Please note that your computer's clock is used to reference these date ranges.  If you have selected the correct date range and still cannot view the required wagers, your system date and time may be incorrect.  Windows users can change the date and time by double clicking on the clock in the bottom right-hand corner of the task bar.

Bets placed on horse racing via the Racing Interface cannot be seen in the Wagering History.